OHS offers a variety of occupational health services to employers in the Northwest with the flexibility and sophistication of a large firm yet with the personalized, quality service provided by a small company.

Randi Moyer and Dorothea Walters, both bachelors prepared registered nurses and certified Occupational Nurse Specialists, are the principles of Occupational Health Solutions, Inc. They have a combined 50 plus years of experience in the field of occupational health and worker injury management and made the decision to start OHS in 2002 as an answer to employers’ needs. Immediately prior to the founding of OHS both Randi and Dorothea implemented a successful model for employee injury/illness management in a large, unionized manufacturing firm in Spokane, WA. Their occupational health experience, workers’ compensation expertise, extensive knowledge of medical case management, coupled with their diverse nursing practice background provides the ideal qualifications to provide OHS employer partners with quality occupational health services.

OHS has proven effectiveness and demonstrated significant direct and indirect cost-savings to employers by delivering a nontraditional model for the management of employee injuries and illnesses. OHS believes the key to managing workers’ compensation dollars is first the prevention of employee injuries and second the prompt reporting, appropriate intervention, and monitoring of the injuries that do occur.

OHS nurses are savvy to the forces occurring in the workplace and in people’s daily lives that can affect employee health-related costs to the employer. As health professionals with workplace knowledge, occupational health experience, and, workers’ compensation expertise, they are uniquely qualified to collaborate with workers, management, and care providers regarding health issues that impact an employee’s ability to work.

The services provided by OHS are cost-effective, value added and delivered in a professional, timely and flexible manner to meet the individual needs of employers in the Northwest.