24/7 Registered Nurse Access

Work injury management

Occupational Health Solutions saves employers money by helping to prevent and manage work-related injuries & illnesses. We do this by providing 24/7 access to Registered Nurses with workplace knowledge and occupational health expertise to assist workers with injury treatment and return-to-work.  The OHS Nurses monitor injured workers’ progress to assure accurate diagnosis, appropriate treatment plan, treatment compliance, successful return to gainful employment and workers’ compensation claim closure.

Fitness-for-duty management

OHS services help assure workers’ are fit for work:

  • New hire medical screening identifies candidates’ medical and physical issues that prevent them from performing the essential functions of the job.
  • Exposure monitoring such as annual hearing testing, respirator fit testing, and medical surveillance identifies early changes in hearing, respiratory and general health of workers.
  • Behavioral health issues that present in the workplace can be managed appropriately with supervisor and OHS Nurse intervention.
  • Return-to-work clearance following personal medical absence of 3 days or more allows the OHS Nurse to assess fitness-for-duty with or without restrictions.

Disability management

Employers understand the importance of absence management and its impact on a company’s profit. The OHS Nurses, as a component of the employers’ overall strategy, contribute to the management of worker absence by communicating with workers’ that are off work and assuring not only the necessity of the absence but a safe and successful return-to-work. Workers’ personal medical or family medical leaves are evaluated by the OHS Nurse relative to the company’s policy and laws such as FMLA and the Washington Family Care Act.  Workers’ time off work is monitored and restricted work or permanent disability is evaluated as appropriate.  OHS recognizes the value of integrating disability management with worker health and wellness initiatives aligned with productivity goals and assists employers to this end.

Employee health resource

The OHS Nurses are available to serve as a health resource to workers.  Calls regarding personal medical matters as well as work-related safety and health issues are welcome from workers and their family members.

OHS’ employer partners are encouraged to utilize the Nurses as a resource to management on employee health and safety related issues. Often the OHS Nurse is included as a member of the management team to contribute to health and safety policy development and updates.

Mobile testing

OHS’ mobile testing services are local, flexible, cost competitive and without hidden fees.

Hearing testing

‘Preventing hearing loss while meeting regulatory requirements’

  • Mobile trailer, sound attenuated booth for testing four workers at a time
  • State-of-the-art audiometric equipment
  • COHC certified testers
  • Educational video that meets training requirements
  • Test report immediately post testing
  • Audiologist oversight and test review

Respirator medical clearance

  • OSHA required respirator medical questionnaire review
  • Medical clearance certificate provided

Respirator fit testing

  • Baseline and annual testing provided in the clinic or at worksite
  • State-of-the art equipment for qualitative testing
  • Certified tester
  • Summary report provided to employer

Wellness screening and education

‘Know your numbers’

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol (total and HDL)
  • Body mass index(BMI)
  • Review of results and counseling provided by OHS Nurses.

OHS Clinic

New hire medical screening

  • Drug testing
  • Hearing testing baseline
  • Pulmonary Spirometry baseline

Physical demands testing

  • Job-specific job demands
  • Essential functions

Periodic medical surveillance

  • Exposure monitoring
  • Regulatory agency compliance
  • Employee education

Workers’ Compensation Management

OHS’ Third Party Administration (TPA) provides:

  • Employer online access to claims information
  • In-house bill review at no additional cost to claims
  • Prompt bill and benefits payments
  • Accurate and timely claim reserving
  • Conscientious statutory compliance
  • Aggressive, cost-effective claims management
  • Strict internal control processes to ensure accurate financial data to employers and third party reviewers

OHS manages the high cost components of workers’ compensation including lost time injuries, overuse and inappropriate use of medical diagnostics and treatment, fraud, malingering, and ineffective claims management.  The OHS Nurses serve as a resource to the TPA Claims Managers to assure accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans at no additional cost to the workers’ compensation claim.