Respirator Medical Clearance and Fit Testing

So, you’re putting together your Respiratory Protection Program and you need some help. Since employees must be medically cleared to wear a respirator, and fit tested every year – where do you turn? OHS of course.

We offer a quick and easy way for your employees to be medically cleared online.

Check it out at

Click on Respirator Medical Evaluation and Certificate. Access Code: D1033

If your employee doesn’t pass, there is no fee. If he or she fails the online version, we’ll request a written questionnaire. Once finished, the completed form is sent into the OHS office via email, fax or US Mail and is reviewed by a health professional. In very rare instances, further evaluation may be required. OHS has partnered with oshamedcert to simplify this medical clearance process for employers – and it works!

Although this yearly fit testing can be time consuming, it is important in the protection of your team keeping them from the adverse health affects of hazardous exposure. OHS offers both qualitative and quantitative fit testing using a state-of-the-art Portacount machine. Also, we can do this testing at our office or on-site at your facility.

While there are many specific requirements when it comes to respiratory protection, OHS and our team of health professionals are here to help employers weed through the requirements, and work with your team to determine the right applications for your workplace environment.

Looking to overhaul your respirator program? Give us a call, we’re here to keep you up-to-date, regulatory compliant and most importantly – safe!